3 Most Affordable Ryokan In Tokyo For Family

Looking for budget ryokan stays in Tokyo? We have curated the most affordable ryokan in Tokyo for family here. Check it out!

Going to a Ryokan is a good opportunity to fully experience Japanese culture, and what better way to experience it than with your loving family. Sadly, since Tokyo is a big and bustling city, most of the famous Ryokans around here are quite pricey, but don’t worry, we got you covered!

Affordable Ryokan In Tokyo For Family

There are literally hundreds of Ryokans in Tokyo, but in this article, we’ll tackle the best affordable Ryokan spots that you and your family can go to for your next little getaway vacation.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Affordable Ryokans In Tokyo For Family

Andon Ryokan

Tokyo’s very first designer Ryokan, Andon Ryokan is definitely a must visit if you’re planning to go to a Ryokan in the capital city of Tokyo. Once you step into the vicinity, you’ll be greeted by antiques and historical pieces that tell stories of the past of Japan.

Despite being Tokyo’s very first designer Ryokan, you’ll still feel at home and comfortable with the warm and inviting feel of its interior design and all the furniture that comes with the room of your choice.

Andon Ryokan From Outside

In the hallways, the dark shades of paint combined with the streaks of warm lights give off an elegant, yet welcoming feel as you explore more into the amenities of the Ryokan.

Apart from this, there’s also an antique teahouse on the first floor where guests can socialize and watch tea ceremonies with other guests.

Types Of Rooms Available

The wooden features in the rooms accompanied by beautiful Japanese art are surely a feast for the eyes. The common bathroom for the rooms are well maintained too for cleanliness and aesthetic purposes.

The rooms aren’t as spacious as other traditional Ryokans given that it’s in Tokyo and spaces are generally cramped compared to other regions, but there is a TV readily available alongside the Wi-Fi, and extra space for your luggage.

You have four rooms to choose from and they are the single room, double room, twin room, and a family room. The prices for these rooms depend on the season that you’re booking but we have a price range available for you.

Check in and Check out time

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The check-in time in Andon Ryokan is from 3:00 to 10:00 PM. However, you can check-in earlier if there are available rooms for it because due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Andon Ryokan makes sure that the rooms are vacant for 72 hours before the next guests. You can also check-out late but fees apply.

Price of the rooms

For a single room, prices can vary from 9,740 to 13,426 Yen or $74 to $102 USD. For a double room and a twin room, it can range from 11,188 to 18,428 Yen or $85 to $140 USD. Lastly, for a family room, it can go from 16,717 to 31,197 Yen or $127 to $237 USD. These rates are on a nightly stay basis.

The price disparities on the room rates are due to numerous reasons like the date or season that you are booking. Peak seasons like the holidays could make the prices go higher because the demand for the rooms are much higher.

Some room offers include breakfast, while some offer both breakfast and dinner with the package. If you booked rooms without one, you can pay an extra fee of 1,580 Yen or 12$ per meal in the breakfast buffet or in the dinner meal respectively. The breakfast buffet is available from 7:00 to 10:00 AM.

Andon Ryokan Interior

Even though there are no natural hot springs in Tokyo for an Onsen bath to be readily available, Andon Ryokan made a way through building a tiled jacuzzi room on the fourth floor that has a pop-art with the design that gives a warm and welcoming feeling to the guests.

There are both Japanese and Western types of food that you can enjoy in Andon Ryokan. A bar lounge is also available for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There is also a coffee spot for your afternoon drink needs.

Notable restaurants and spots like Cafe Tepui and Lyphard are only three (3) to five (5) minutes away respectively.

Since Andon Ryokan is located in the heart of Metropolitan Tokyo, commuting to-and-from places is not a problem at all. The walk to the Minowa-station is only 5 minutes, 2 stops shy of the Ueno-station. The Haneda Airport is also nearby and is only a 39 minute drive.

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Fuji-Hakone Guest House

This one’s for the international guests and tourists that are having troubles with the language barrier in Japan because the Fuji-Hakone Guest House have staff members that understand and speak English.

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In fact, this Ryokan has received various awards like the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor and awards from People to People International to recognize their efforts in education, friendship, and cultural awareness.

Fuji Hakone Guest House From Outside

What makes this Ryokan a notable one because they have a common area with a microwave, green tea selection, and refrigerator. Guests can socialize and coordinate with one another with their plans throughout their trip in Japan.

The feel of the whole Ryokan is very homey and comfortable. The natural light hits all the right spots and it gives off that warm feeling that makes staying in Fuji-Hakone Guest House much better.

Types of Rooms Available

All the rooms are very spacious too with tatami-mat flooring, futon beds. If you get the right room, you’ll have an undisrupted view of the surrounding nature and sights of the Hakone National Park.

The rooms are also equipped with free Wi-Fi connection and an LCD TV readily available for use. Grooming kits and towels are also provided with extras available upon request. There are three rooms available namely, Japanese-style single room, Japanese-style twin room, and Japanese-style quadruple room.

Price Of The Rooms

The room prices vary depending on the season of booking but we have an estimated rate for you. For the Japanese-style single room, it goes around 12,110 Yen or $92 USD. For the Japanese-style twin room, it’s priced around 18,691 Yen $142 USD. Lastly, for the Japanese-style quadruple room, it ranges around 28,037 – 35,277 Yen or $213 – $268 USD.

Check in and Check out time

Check-in time is after 3:00 PM and check-out time is before 10:00 AM.

Since they’re located in the outskirts of Tokyo, there’s an Onsen available or steamy natural hot springs bath that the guests can all enjoy and destress in. There are also a lot of cultural sites that guests can tour like the Hakone Wetlands Botanical Garden, The Little Prince Museum, and the Samurai Art Museum.

Fuji Hakone Guest House Bathtub

The Onsen in Fuji-Hakone Guest House is for common use by default but you can always reserve ahead of time and pay for that time frame to get the whole experience to yourself and your family.

This Ryokan has an available breakfast meal option but there are other nearby places around where you can dine as well like Sushi Sho, Sengoku Ukyo, and Irori Chaya. All of these restaurants are just a few minutes away.

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Ryokan Sawanoya

We can’t mention an affordable yet beautifully maintained Ryokan without mentioning Ryokan Sawanoya, one of Tokyo’s earliest Ryokan in the area and is family-run for seven decades now. It’s dubbed as one of the most popular Ryokans in the area for international tourists.

Even though the lodging is maintained by a small family only, the amazing and warm atmosphere of the Ryokan makes it feel like it’s been maintained by a large staff on a daily  basis.

Ryokan Sawanoya From Outside

The Rooms Available

The room provides a cozy, yet modern feeling with free air conditioning when the temperature gets a little too hot in the summer. The room also comes with tatami-mat flooring and traditional Japanese beds for the full experience. There’s also free Wi-Fi. 

Price of the Rooms

There are three rooms in Ryokan Sawanoya and they’re pretty cheap despite the location. A single room only costs 5,830 Yen or 44.27$ USD, while a twin room with a bathroom costs around 12,100 Yen or $91.92 USD. Lastly, a room for a family or 3 guests will cost you 17,490 Yen or 132.87$ USD. These rates are on a nightly basis.

Convenience is one of Ryokan Sawanoya’s strong points too because they have a nearby bike rental which helps you explore Tokyo more. This Ryokan is close to nearby local attractions in Tokyo like the Toshogu Shrine.

Ryokan Sawanoya Room

Ryokan Sawanoya has great amenities as well like two private baths that are open for reservations which are a cypress bath and a pottery bath. These baths will surely destress you and liven your mood after. 

The lodging place also has a beautiful temple garden that you can wander around and take pictures in. There are also a number of restaurants nearby like Bistro TOM and Kiri Yanaka.

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Affordable Ryokan In Tokyo For Families

Going to a Ryokan around Tokyo is a good opportunity for you and your family to bond and experience a piece of Japanese culture that you won’t get anywhere else, even in the finest hotels in the world.

Since you’re booking a Ryokan with your family members, extra budget and preparation would be very helpful to get the most out of your staycation.

We hope that his article has been helpful in determining affordable Ryokans around Tokyo for a family.

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