Ways of Getting from Narita to Shinjuku

Have you come to Japan for the first time?

You just have landed at its main airport, which is Narita International Airport. And now you need to go to Shinjuku.

‘How do I get from Narita to Shinjuku?’

Right now, you are wandering around with this question as there are many different ways to go there.

Am I right?

Well, don’t be at a loss!

I am right here to let you know all the possible ways of getting from Narita airport to Shinjuku.

Just keep going through and choose the way that seems the most convenient to you.

Ways to Get from Narita Airport to Shinjuku Station

At first, Let’s see how far Shinjuku is from Narita.

Well, Shinjuku is located 75.32 km away from Tokyo Narita Airport.

I have said earlier that there are numerous distinct ways to go to Shinjuku from Narita. You can reach there by bus, train, taxi, and also by combining train and bus.

Narita International Airport

Here you will get the details of every individual way with its probable cost, the arrival and departure time of the vehicles, and also how to buy tickets or reserve them.

1. By Train

In this segment, I will explain the different ways that you can follow to go to Shinjuku station.

Via The Narita Express Train

The Narita Express connects the airport with all the major urban areas of the capital, such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Shinagawa, and Yokohama.

If you have the luxury to expend some extra yen, you can consider getting on the Narita Express (N’EX) train.

You will find trains every 30 minutes most of the day.

And it takes approximately 90 minutes to reach Shinjuku.

So, if you have any questions like is there a direct train from Narita to Shinjuku, I guess you have already got your answer.

However, if you use JR Pass, then the cost will be lower.

It is the best way to get from Narita airport to Shinjuku with a JR Pass. In this case, you don’t have to face the hassle of making a change also.

If you have no idea about JR Pass, be noted that only foreign tourists are allowed to use JR pass. You can travel unlimitedly with it in the JR network for one, two, or three consecutive weeks at such a cost that residents of Japan can only dream of.

It has two types: regular and green cars, where the green cars offer more spacious seats than the regular ones.

Japan Rail (JR) Pass Cost

Type Regular Green Car
Type: 7 consecutive days.
Regular: 29,650 yen.
Green Car: 39,600 yen.
Type: 14 consecutive days.
Regular: 47,250 yen.
Green Car: 64,120 yen.
Type: 21 consecutive days.
Regular: 60,450 yen.
Green Car: 83,390 yen.

50% will be reduced for children between 6 to 11 years.

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To purchase a JR pass, visit this link.

With the JRP, you don’t need to pay any extra money. Simply show your Pass and hop on the train.

But what will you do if you don’t want to get a JR Pass?

Well, you need to buy tickets in that case.

Narita Express Ticket Price:
One Way: 3,250 yen (Regular Coach).
4,820 yen (Green Car coach).
Round Trip: 4,070 yen (Regular Coach).

Ticket Purchasing for The Narita Express

There are two ways for purchasing tickets for the Narita Express:

1. Internet

You can purchase tickets on the Eki-Net reservation site that is operated by JR East. Select ticketless when making your purchase to get the added benefit of a 200 yen reduction. For booking, please visit this link.

2. Ticket counters

You can also get tickets from vending machines in the JR ticket office (Midori no Madoguchi) and View Plaza ticket offices located in stations. It can be purchased from travel agencies also.

Note: The Narita Express arrives at Platforms 5 and 6 near the New South Gate of Shinjuku Station. The station can be a bit knotty, but it is well marked with signboards.

Via The Regular Keisei Line

If you want to minimize the cost of your trip or don’t have a JR Pass, you may take the regular Keisei Line train on the same route.

It is the cheapest way from Narita to Shinjuku, but you cannot reach Shinjuku directly by this train.

At first, it will take you to the Nippori Station from Narita Airport. Here you will be transferred to the Yamanote Line, which will finally leave you at Shinjuku Station.

The total required time will be around 1 hour and 40 minutes, including the transfer.

Ticket Price:
Narita Airport to Nippori Station: 1,050 yen.
Nippori Station to Shinjuku Station: 200 yen.
Total Cost: 1,250 yen.

However, as anything cheaper always comes at the cost of something, you need to compromise with some facts in this ride.

The line serves commuters in the capital city. So, it gets very busy during rush hours.

And it is nearly impossible to get a seat at that time and also you might feel uncomfortable when the train will be packed with passengers.

On top of that, they don’t have any luggage racks, which can be awkward during peak hours.

So, I suggest you pay a bit extra for the Narita Express or the Keisei Skyliner if you have numerous bags.

Via The Keisei Skyliner

The fastest way of getting from Narita Airport to Shinjuku Station is taking the Keisei Skyliner.

It is slightly quicker than the Narita Express. It will leave you in Shinjuku Station within 65 minutes.

You will get this service from 7:28 am to 10:30 pm, and trains leave every 20 minutes.

Sounds convenient, right?

The single drawback is that it’s a bit expensive, but it is still cheaper than Narita Express.

Be noted that here you have to make the same changes at Nippori Station as I mentioned earlier when discussing the regular Keisei Line.

Ticket Price:
Narita Airport to Nippori Station: 2520 Yen.
Nippori Station to Shinjuku Station: 200 yen.
Total Cost: 2720 yen.

Ticket Purchasing for The Keisei Skyliner

Now, I will show you the ways of purchasing tickets.

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1. Internet

You can reserve seats using PCs or smartphones. And you need to pay for the Skyliner tickets at counter vending machines or convenience stores (FamilyMart) while receiving the tickets.

2. Ticket Counters

Tickets can be purchased at stations where the Skyliner stops, such as Keisei Electric Railway Keisei Ueno Station, Airport Terminal 2 Station, Nippori Station, Narita Airport Station, ticket sales counters in the Narita International Airport Terminal Building.

Tickets are also available at travel agencies.

3. Telephone

You can make a reservation for one month to two days before the boarding date by calling the ticket reservation center.

You can only obtain the tickets at the Keisei Ueno Station window between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Keisei Customer Dial Ticket Reservation Center:
Telephone Number: 0570-081-160.
Reception Hours: 9:00 to 18:00.

4. Ticketless

It is a service that replaces the ticket using a smartphone screen. The benefit is that you don’t have to redeem your ticket or worry about losing it.

You can use a credit card or other payment services by accessing the Keisei Electric Railway site.

Also, you can buy tickets online in advance.

So, these are the ways of getting Narita to Shinjuku Station by train. You can pick any of the above as per your budget and convenience.

Tokyo Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal

2. Narita to Shinjuku by Bus

If you prefer to go directly to Shinjuku from Narita, you have to catch a limousine bus.

Via Limousine Bus

You can also reach Shinjuku by limousine buses which depart from Narita Airport Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3.

These buses go to several places in the Shinjuku area.

They are really convenient if you are staying at one of the famous hotels in Shinjuku, such as the Keio Plaza Hotel, Shinjuku Washington Hotel, or Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku.

The limousine bus will drop you off at the door in about 90 minutes. It also goes to Shinjuku Station.

You will find the buses from the early hours of 4:00 am to 2:00 am in the middle of the night.

Limousine Bus Travel Fares:
One Way: 3,200 yen.

Speaking about the facilities of these limousine buses, you will get enough space to keep your large luggage items here. Also, most of the buses have toilets and free Wi-Fi facilities.

Therefore, you can have a relaxing time throughout your journey.

Well, how will you reserve tickets for the bus? I guess this is the question that pops up in your mind right now.

Limousine Bus Reservations

You can make a reservation in two different ways. They are:

1. Internet

Tickets can be reserved from the reservation site Limousine Web or on WELLNET, which is the convenience store ticketing reservation site.

You can pay easily by using credit cards on the Limousine Web.

2. Telephone

You can also make a reservation by telephone.

Tokyo Airport Transportation Co., Ltd.
Telephone Number: 03-3655-7220.
Available Service Hours: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (Monday to Friday).
9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Saturdays and holidays).

By the way, I would like to inform you that you can also get from Shinjuku station to Narita airport by limousine bus.

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3. Narita to Shinjuku by Combining Low-Cost Buses & Train

You can also get from Narita to Shinjuku with the combination of bus and train journey.

In this case, we recommend taking a low-cost bus from Narita, which can be Tokyo Shuttle or The Access Narita.

These buses will take you to Tokyo Station. And then you have to ride on a JR Line from the Tokyo Station, which will finally leave you at Shinjuku.

You will need a total time of around 90 minutes to reach Shinjuku from Narita Airport.

Low-Cost Bus and Train Travel Fares

Tokyo Shuttle Bus + JR Line:
Narita Airport to Tokyo Station (by bus): 900 yen.
Tokyo Station to Shinjuku (by JR Line): 200 yen.
Total Cost: 1,100 yen.
The Access Narita Bus + JR Line:
Narita Airport to Tokyo Station (by bus): 1,000 yen.
Tokyo Station to Shinjuku (by JR Line): 200 yen.
Total Cost: 1,200 yen.

Now, let’s know about the details about ticket purchasing.

Ticket Purchasing

1. For Tokyo Shuttle Bus

You can hop on a Tokyo Shuttle Bus from Narita Airport without a booking.

Just buy your tickets at the Keisei ticket counter between 7 am to 10 pm, or directly on the bus after hours.

Shuttle Bus leaves from Narita Airport every 20 minutes.

2. For The Access Narita

Like the shuttle bus, it doesn’t require any advanced reservation for The Access Narita also.

You will find 20 to 30 non-designated seats on every bus. Even if a bus is full, don’t worry as the next bus will come within 30 minutes.

However, there is a bus every 15 minutes in the peak hour.

So, if you arrive early, you won’t face any trouble getting on board.

Tickets can be purchased from the website also, but I don’t think it is required.

Be noted that the first bus to Tokyo Station is at 7:25 am, and the last one is at 10:45 pm.

4. Narita to Shinjuku By Taxi

You can also hire a flat rate taxi or a regular Japanese taxi from Narita to Shinjuku, but they are very expensive.

Taxi, Japan

Hence, we don’t usually recommend it.

Regular Airport Taxis

You will find Narita airport taxis parked outside the arrival terminals, which run on a metered fare basis.

The minimum probable cost for an NRT-Shinjuku trip will be 20,000 yen.

Depending on the road condition, the required time will be around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Flat-Rate Taxi

In the case of flat-rate taxis, fares are set in advance, unlike the regular ones.

It will take the same time to reach Shinjuku as the regular taxis.

The fare is usually 22,000 yen from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm. However, if you ride in a taxi from late night to early morning between 5:00 am to 10:00 pm, you need to pay more, which is around 26,000 yen.

In addition to that, expressway toll charges will be charged separately.

To take a flat-rate taxi, you need to make a reservation.

Flat-Rate Taxi Reservations

Reservations can be made by telephone. You can reserve it one month in advance, but it must be booked at least one hour before your ride.

Nippon Kotsu Co., Ltd. Narita Airport Fixed-Rate Taxis:
Contact Number: 03-6265-6389.
English-Speaking Operator Line: 03-5755-2336.
Service Hours: 24 hours a day year-round.

English-speaking services are available 24 hours a day.

If you have any queries about taxis, including price and interpretation with drivers, you can contact this number.

Well, these are the possible ways you can travel from Narita to Shinjuku.

However, do you need to head from Shinjuku to Narita Airport?

Simply overturn the routes. Your options are virtually identical.

Before concluding the topic, I want to clear another thing.

As people all over the world know that bullet train is popular in Japan, you might want to know if there is any bullet train available for this route or not.

Well, the answer is no, there is no bullet train to get from Narita to Shinjuku, but the rapid and smooth Narita Express offers a level of luxury which is comparable to Shinkansen bullet trains of Japan.

I have nothing more to inform you.

So, let’s conclude it here.


All this time, I discussed the ways of getting from Narita to Shinjuku, including the fastest, cheapest and easiest ones.

Now you can choose your preferred one from them.

I hope this article will help you make your travel easier.

Lastly, happy traveling.

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