How Many Days Should You Spend In Kasugai, Japan?

Planning to travel to Kasugai, Japan for vacation? And can’t decide how many days should you spend in Kaugai? Then here’s everything you need to know about Kasugai, what places you should visit, and how many days are sufficient to roam around the significant regions in Kasugai.

Before you visit Kasugai in Japan, you need to have an itinerary that’s going to guide you on your journey.

Since there are countless tourist destinations with awestruck attractions in Kasugai, I’ve shortlisted a few of them that are going to grant you a subtle experience throughout the culture-rich Japanese city.

With the list of destinations, we can conclude how many days are adequate to spend around Kasugai and what mindblowing activities can keep you entertained throughout your trip.

If you’re eager to know more about my Kasugai itinerary, then make sure to read further down below!

How Many Days Should You Spend In Kasugai, Japan?

I only spent 4 days in Kasugai and just 2 days were sufficient for me to roam around the places I has in my itinerary while I was just resting and exploring on my own for the other 2 days. So, a minimum of 3 days should be ideal for your Kasugai itinerary. 

Kasugai isn’t a metropolitan city like Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka. Kasugai is just a small city compared to other cities in Japan hence there are only a few key places to visit in Kasugai.

Where Is Kasugai In Japan?

Kasugai or Kasugai-shi is a city that’s located in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan. Another popular name for the Kasugai city in Japan that most locals prefer using is ‘Owarikasugai’.

Since Kasugai is located on the northwest side of the Aichi Prefecture, it is in close proximity to the Nobi Plain, which is a massive plain in Japan. In fact, the Shonai River streams through the southern part of Kasugai city.

How Many Days Should You Spend In Kasugai, Japan?
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All of these aspects make Kasugai a key city in Japan where several industries are situated in. Electronics and IT giants such as Panasonic and Fujitsu have factories located in Kasugai city. 

The approximate population of Kasugai city as of 2019 is over 306,000 and the total area of the city is 35.82 square miles.

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The weather in Kasugai city is fairly moderate as it can get nearly 16 degrees Celsius during the summer season and above 4 degrees Celsius during winter, give or take.

Rainfall is frequent between the months of August and September. Overall, the climate in Kasugai city is mediocre and bearable. 

The ideal time I would suggest for visiting Kasugai city is during summer because you can spend your days out having fun without fretting about freezing or sweating profusely.

There are countless spots in Kasugai that hold historical and cultural values and present the incredibility of nature along with premier accommodation and toothsome delicacies.

Let’s take a look at some of the iconic attractions in Kasugai, Japan below.

What To Do In Kasugai, Japan?

Visit The Futagoyama Tomb

Futagoyoma Tomb or Ajiyoshi Futagoyama Kofun is a tomb that was constructed during the Kofun period in Japan, between the 6th Century AD.

The Futagoyama tomb is designed like a keyhole which has a circular shape at the top and a rectangle shape at the bottom.

This keyhole design of the tomb can only be witnessed from the top so if you happen to have a drone then you can simply use it to capture the view of the Futagoyama Tomb.

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As soon as you enter the tomb, it’s pristine and quiet. The tomb isn’t known for being overcrowded with people.

The area that surrounds the tomb is vast hence I had to walk for hours but it’s definitely worth the time taken to witness a calm place that’s suffused with trees and ancient buildings. 

You may have to spend ½ a day here to sightsee across the tomb and the outskirts.

Relax At The Kasugai Urban Greening Botanical Garden

This botanical garden is also referred to as Greenpia Kasugai and it’s a must-visit spot if you’re traveling with kids who’d have an entertaining time here.

The Kasugai Urban Botanical Garden is engulfed with trees and seasonal plants which you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world. 

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There are numerous cherry blossoms and wisteria trees in every corner of the botanical garden. You can also find an animal plaza, a children’s park, and concerts organized for kids.

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In addition, there’s boating for adults in the area as well which is free of charge, and other activities like horseriding. The Greenpia Kasugai isn’t just an entertaining place but educational as well.

This is an ideal place to visit during summer and spending just 2 hours is sufficient to partake in all activities held in the botanical garden.

Visit The Mitsuzoin Temple, Kasugai

The Mitsuzoin temple is a Buddhist temple in Kasugai that has a tahoto tower or pagoda structure. It’s a historic and religious site and is regarded as one of the important cultural sites in Japan.

The temple and the areas surrounding it are very quiet just like the Futagoyama Tomb. You’ll encounter ancient statues of Buddha, cherry blossom trees, and a few pagoda-like buildings around the temple.

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This temple displays the significance of the Buddhist religion in Japanese culture. Not many foreign tourists are seen around the Mitsuzoin temple but it’s a must-visit place in Kasugai that depicts how soothing and tranquil the city is. It’s a perfect spot to experience the pristine nature of Japanese culture.

You can walk around the temple and view all the key spots within just an hour.

Enjoy the Nature At Ochiai Park

You can’t miss out on this park if you’re traveling to Kasugai. Ochiai Park is one of the crucial spots in Kasugai that’s usually crowded with people, especially during special events and festivals.

It’s a vast area encircled by cherry blossom trees and a huge lake flowing in the corner that has turtles that relax by the river bank. There’s a children’s playground area, water fountains, and a small red tower. 

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This isn’t just a place for kids but adults as well that hosts activities like cycling, singing, and playing musical instruments, and a nice place to walk your pets.

The best time to visit Ochiai park is during the last weeks of September when the Noryo Festival is celebrated. 

During this time you’ll come across numerous street vendors selling exotic Japanese dishes and fireworks being lit up constantly.

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Although I had a hard time walking in the crowd during the Noryo Festival, I will hands down recommend you pay a visit to Ochihai Park. Since this is a massive area, you’ll have to spend ½ of your day here.

Visit The Utsutsu Shrine

If you ask the locals in Kasugai which place you should visit they’ll definitely say Utsutsu Shrine. By looking at the number of temples and shrines in Kasugai you can tell that it’s a city that’s religiously and historically important.

Like most shrines and temples in Japan, the Utsutsu shrine is a noiseless area that’s encompassed with greeneries and vibrant flowers.

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You can see high mountains afar from the shrine and the entrance of the shrine has bright red pillars.

Not many people visit the Utsutsu shrine during the night but I did and the entire area was lit up in warm lights that just gave a rustic vibe. I only spent an hour sightseeing the place as there was only little to see. 

How Can I Travel Around Kasugai, In Japan?

Millions of Japanese people resort to public transport like trains and buses to travel. Kasugai city has several bus and train stations that would aid you in moving across the city.

This is not just the cheapest traveling option but also the most reliable as well. If you’re sightseeing with your family then you can either hail a taxi to stop by attraction sites. 

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Taxis in Japan are usually parked near bus stands or railway stations and Japanese taxis are renowned to offer the most comfortable and luxurious rides you’ve ever experienced.

However, taxi rates are quite expensive in Japan and might not be a budget-friendly option if you’re sightseeing Kasugai for more than 2 days. 

Moreover, there are vehicle rental services offered by numerous companies in Japan that are much more affordable than taxi rates.

Furthermore, you can make sure to have a comfortable ride and spend quality time with your family when traveling around Kasugai by using a rental vehicle.

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