6 Japanese Summer Fireworks Festivals You Have To Witness!

Here’s everything you need to know about Japanese summer fireworks festivals. I have listed my favorite 

Summers in Japan would be difficult to imagine without fireworks, which are a significant part of Japanese culture and are celebrated throughout the country in July and August. People look forward to the weekend just to see the fireworks.

Summer Fireworks Festivals are fascinating and innovative. The ambiance of fireworks festivals instantly brightens your mood and spirit. Indeed, hanabi is the Japanese word for fireworks: hana means flower, and bi means fire, so hanabi is a flower expressed with fire.

Everyone in Japan adores these stunning and captivating displays. I am sure you will become one after witnessing the spectacular fireworks.

If you’re in Japan this summer, you won’t want to miss the Japanese summer festivals for their upbeat atmosphere, delightful food, and of course, their spectacular fireworks display.

Here’s a list of the best Fireworks festivals to attend in Japan.

Japanese Summer Fireworks Festivals

Nagaoka Firework Display

Nagaoka Fireworks Festival is one of the three most fabulous fireworks festivals in Japan, known as one of the most spectacular in the world! Every year, around one million visitors make their way to Nagaoka.

The event began in 1946 as a war-damaged reconstruction event to commemorate the World War II dead. It is intended to pay tribute to the victims to express gratitude to those who contributed to the city’s recovery and pray for eternal peace.

The Nagaoka Fireworks Festival’s highlights include Phoenix, mesmerizing display of fireworks, and the portable shrine float parades and traditional dances throughout the town.

 The show’s finale spans two kilometers of the Shinano River, making it the world’s longest span of fireworks.

The spirit of Japan is evident there. The atmosphere is so alive that I feel like I could reach out and touch these vibrant explosions.

The best way to appreciate them is to see them in person!

Omagari National Japan Fireworks Competition – AKITA

When I think of the top three fireworks competitions in Japan, the Omagari National Japan Fireworks Competition appears in my mind, where pyrotechnicians (a person who is skilled in the use of fireworks) from all over the country compete.

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The highly competitive event showcases the skills and techniques of more than 30 Japanese fireworks makers. The winner will receive the Prestigious Prime Minister Prize. As a result, you can determine the significance of the competition for Japan.

The Omagari National Japan Fireworks Competition is held every year on the fourth Saturday of August.

Back in 1910, This competition began when fireworks were a popular attraction at the Suwa jinja Shrine festival. These massive, breathtaking fireworks displays attract over 600,000 people from all over Japan.

This magnifies it even further. Since it is a national competition, you can imagine how much attention it receives.

It makes me feel privileged to be a part of this prestigious fireworks competition.

Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival

Sumida River Fireworks Festival dates back to 1733, making it one of Japan’s largest and oldest fireworks festivals.

The Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival is an annual fireworks display over the Sumida River near Asakusa, Tokyo, held on the last Saturday of July month.  

Each summer, nearly one million people flock to see this magnificent display of fireworks. 

However, they are also the crowdiest, and finding a seat is almost impossible unless you arrive early. So arriving early is essential if you want to fully enjoy the event.

Hence, if you enjoy fireworks, you can witness Japan’s breathtaking fireworks with little hassle as it will be the most memorable experience of your life that you can share with your family and friends. Despite the effort, it is well worth it.

The zeal and enthusiasm to attend major fireworks displays is making sense. A million people gather to watch the 20,000 different colours and shapes of fireworks.

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It will illuminate the night sky. So I can’t afford to miss the spectacular display of fireworks along the Sumida River!

Kamakura Fireworks Festival

Kamakura, located in Kanagawa Prefecture, is one of Japan’s ancient capitals and a popular weekend getaway from Tokyo.

Kamakura’s spectacular fireworks display includes both traditional sky fireworks and underwater fireworks. They put on a one-of-a-kind fireworks show where spectators can pay/sponsor a shot.

This is the ideal time when couples can pay for a shot while simultaneously proposing to their girlfriend, who gladly accepts.

How romantic it is!

When your partner proposes to you while the illuminating sky is also celebrating your love.

Nothing beats a fireworks display in Japan in the summer! A Colourful evening, romantic setting, and visually appealing underwater fireworks displays brightened my day. 

I can’t put into words how delighted I was to witness it. A well-spent day.

Tsuchiura Fireworks Competition

One of the top three annual fireworks festivals in Japan. It’s a fantastic competition between fireworks experts from all over Japan. The skillful art of the fireworks may impress you.

It began as a memorial service for fallen naval officers in 1925 and has since evolved into a truly unique display. 

Every year, nearly 800,000 people visit Tsuchiura to enjoy the art. The skillful art of the fireworks may impress you.

I am astounded to see top-tier fireworks by experts. It gave me goosebumps because it was so impressive.

The highlights of the event include breathtaking displays created by combining cutting-edge technology and imaginative designs. 

If you want to come over, get out of the house as soon as possible! You’ll have to wait for the next year if you don’t and I know you don’t want to miss the opportunity.

Biwako Fireworks Festival

Biwako is Japan’s largest lake. More than 10,000 fireworks will be launched during the Great Lake Biwa Fireworks Festival

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There are numerous fireworks displays in Japan’s major cities, and this is one of the most popular summer events. 

Only at Lake Biwa can you see a spectacular fireworks display reflected in the water.

Approximately 10,000 colorful fireworks are fired in various directions, creating unique light art in the dark sky.

I’ve reserved a (paid) seat to get the best view of the show without a crowd because I don’t want to miss a moment of the show.

Another highlight was the Biwako Flower Fountain, a massive fountain located in the Otsu Port. The combination of impressive fireworks and 40m-high water streams provides a spectacular view!

Another sensation is watching 10,000 fireworks launch into the air over Lake Biwa, creating a stunning display of light.

Despite the fact that I travel a long distance to see this show. However, it was well worth it! I will definitely revisit this place.


The summer in Japan is quite vibrant and awesome, and one of the most well-known events during this time is the fireworks festival. Thousands of people travel, pay, and hassle to witness Japan’s fireworks displays. There is so much excitement about these events.

For these events, people came from all over the world. Fireworks displays are an integral part of weekend celebrations. 

For many Japanese, seeing sparkling fireworks in the sky is a joyful and nostalgic sight. For me, attending the above-mentioned fireworks festivals is a true Japanese summer experience!

If you enjoy watching fireworks displays, there is no better place to explore than Japan. Don’t be late, step out now.

FAQs: Japanese Summer Fireworks Festivals

When is Hanabi season?

In July, August, and September, fireworks displays take place as a seasonal tradition. The country holds over 5,000 fireworks displays during that time of year.

Why are fireworks so popular in Japan?

They are mostly celebrated in Japan for various reasons. It is as popular and pleasant as seeing cherry blossoms in the spring or fireworks in the summer. Friends and family are encouraged to enjoy their fleeting beauty

In Japanese culture, what do fireworks represent?

As a result of the development of Japanese fireworks by Tokugawa Yoshimune, shrines across the country began using fireworks as offerings to the gods. This is part of their religious practices.

Why are fireworks so popular for celebrations around the world?

It is believed that the sound scared away evil spirits, so they were used to avoiding evil on happy occasions. As a result, a modern firework was born. But now, with its brighter light and louder sounds, gunpowder quickly replaced the age-old bamboo method.

What are the big fireworks called?

Aerial Fireworks come in a wide range of effects and sizes, and they are the most visually appealing. They’re known as “Cakes” or “Repeaters.”

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