5 Dog Cafe In Tokyo To Meet The Cutest Pups!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a dog cafe in Tokyo? Well, wonder no more! Here is a listing of some of the best dog cafes in Tokyo that you should check out.

Ever heard of dog cafes in your home country? Well, Japan has adopted the concept of mingling humans and felines in a rustic environment which is an idea loved by many.

Dog cafes are prevalent across the capital city of Tokyo where dog lovers flock to have a lively time with the adorable critters while also enjoying a nibble.

With a miscellany of dog breeds that treat you with wagging tails and excited looks, Japanese dog cafes are bound to make you linger around. 

I’ve curated a bunch of ethical and guilt-free dog cafes in Tokyo that are guaranteed to grant you a playful experience. Check them out below!

Dog Cafe In Tokyo

Micro Tea Cup Cafe

Micro Tea Cup Cafe’s exterior doesn’t do justice to the adorable critters that are chilling inside the cafe. Micro Tea Cup Cafe is a cozy dog cafe located in Chiyoda City, Tokyo, and this cafe is in proximity to the Akihabara Station.

While it wasn’t challenging for me to navigate to Micro Tea Cup Cafe, I honestly didn’t have much anticipation for this cafe but man was I wrong. 

Dog Cafe In Tokyo
Source: Instagram

As I entered the Micro Tea Cup Cafe the staff welcomed me warmly and played a video that instructs the customers on how the dogs should be held and treated.

The staffs were also kind enough to spray disinfectant on my hands and clothes before I proceeded to play with the dogs. In fact, all dogs at Micro Tea Cup Cafe are vaccinated.

I must mention that the interior of this dog cafe is phenomenal and is quite parallel to baby daycares which indicates how the staff at Micro Tea Cup Cafe regard the critters.

There’s even a discipline kindergarten for dogs where they’re trained daily hence brace yourselves for some outstanding dog tricks. 

There are 9 dogs at Micro Tea Cup Cafe most of which are poodles as well as a Japanese Shiba Inus who’s very cuddly with the guests.

Since this cafe features low sitting the dogs even tend to sit on your lap while you sip coffee. Make sure to wear socks when entering the dog cafe and if you don’t wear socks you can buy a pair at the cafe.

It’s a tradition among the staff to take pictures of guests who play with dogs. With numerous Instagrammable spots and excited dogs to play with, you’re in for a cheerful experience at Micro Tea Cup Cafe.

  • Entrance Fee – 2300 yen/hour (only reservations)
  • Full Course Fee – 2700 yen/hour (includes entrance fee, polaroid photos, and exclusive goods)
  • Basic Fee – 1300 yen/30 mins (free drink & photoshoot)
  • Extension Fee – 1000 yen/hour
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Opening Hours – Tuesday to Sunday 11 am – 8 pm

Contact No – +81 3-3525-4833

Website – https://teacup.crayonsite.net/

Address – 101-0021 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Sotokanda, 3 Chome−2−11

Dog Heart

Dog Heart is a dog cafe that’s situated in Shibuya City and just 2 mins away from Yoyogi Hachiman Station.

This dog cafe isn’t a large premise thus I was disappointed to see that only a maximum of 8 people can be accommodated at once.

However, the dogs at Dog Heart cafe are exceptionally energetic and greet you with wide smiles. 

animal cafe in tokyo
Source: Instagram

One of the unique aspects of Dog Heart is you’re not just allowed to pet and feed the dogs but also to take them out for walks.

If you’re up for this activity then ascend to the second floor of the building where the staff educates you on how you should behave with them while walking.  

There are 10 dogs of distinct breeds at Dog Heart such as poodles, golden retrievers, French bulldogs, beagles, cavaliers, Japanese chin, and chihuahuas.

Due to the range of dog breeds available at Dog Heart cafe, the fees for renting them for walks are variable in addition to a 200 yen nomination fee as well. 

Furthermore, if you’re taking your kids with you make sure to stop by Dog Heart after 2 pm because that’s the only time kids are allowed inside.

Moreover, kids below 13 years are charged a slightly lower amount than adults hence make sure to check the Dog Heart website for more details.

In addition, it’s advisable to make reservations over the phone before renting a dog for walks or even for the in-house experience because this place can get very congested. 

Entrance Fees

  • 30 mins – Adults 1300 yen, Children 1000 yen
  • 45 mins – Adults 1600 yen, Children 1300 yen
  • 1 hour – Adults 1900 yen, Children 1600 yen
  • Extension fee (every 15 mins) – Adults & Children 300 yen

For dog rental and rental extension fees check out the Dog Heart website.

Opening Hours – Monday to Sunday 11 am – 7 pm

Contact No – +81 3-3469-4115

Website – http://dog-heart.ico.bz/

Address – 151-0063 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Tomigaya, 1 Chome−45−2 Y2F

RIO Puppy Cafe

RIO Puppy Cafe is based in Setagaya City, Tokyo and it’s undoubtedly one of the best laid-back dog cafes I’ve visited in Japan.

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This dog cafe is not too far away from Ikenuoe Station as well as Setagaya Daita Station.

RIO Puppy Cafe can house several people at a time and was furnished with comfortable seats thus I wasn’t inconvenienced by the subtle experience of playing with the dogs. 

multi animal cafe in tokyo
Source: Instagram

The interior of the cafe is hygienic and well-maintained hence you won’t encounter any foul smell.

The dogs are also treated well by the staff and the adorable critters are quite excited when guests walk in. You can sit on benches and play with the dogs and toys that they never seem to let go of. 

There are a number of dog breeds at RIO Puppy Cafe such as poodles, Japanese Chin, chihuahuas, golden retrievers, etc.

All of the dogs are gentle and social with the guests. What I loved about RIO Puppy Cafe is you can feed the dogs and even have unlimited drinks while you relax.

You’re going to be the center of attention if you’re willing to feed the dogs because they run to you immediately after witnessing the snacks in your hands.

Of course, these activities are charged for plus the rates for spending time with the dogs at RIO Puppy Cafe are charged every 10 mins.

Thus RIO Puppy Cafe is one of the budget-friendly dog cafes for those who’re seeking to spend just a few mins with felines.

  • Entrance Fees – 250 yen/10 mins
  • Unlimited Drinks – 385 yen
  • Dog Food Price – 550 yen

Opening Hours – Monday to Sunday 11 am – 8 pm

Contact No – +81 3-6805-2747

Website – http://rio-corp.jp/

Address – 155-0031 Tokyo, Setagaya City, Kitazawa, 2 Chome−15−16 3F

Asakusa Mameshiba Cafe

This dog cafe is quite the talk of the city due to its exclusive kawaii breed of Shiba Inu dogs that visitors pack to witness.

Asakusa Mameshiba Cafe is close to the Asakusa railway station and just 2 mins away from Nakamise Shopping Street.

As soon as I set foot inside the dog cafe, there was a separate spot for bags so I didn’t have to carry my load inside. 

dog cafe japan
Source: Instagram

The ambiance of Asakusa Mameshiba Cafe is rustic and features a low-sitting arrangement where customers can have their drinks while the dogs display their intriguing tricks.

There are over 7 dogs at Asakusa Mameshiba Cafe and they’re the most amicable dogs because they’re always exhilarated to play with the guests. 

These wholesome furries are impeccably looked after by the staff and some of them are even dressed to impress the guests. You can even get your hands on the Shiba Inu plushies which are sold at the cafe. 

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However, Asakusa Mameshiba Cafe tends to get congested and the setback is you can’t reserve tickets online as they’re only sold in-store.

Hence, I had to wait hours just to experience a 30 min playtime with the dogs, in fact, some staffs are not helpful when it comes to guests requesting assistance with interacting with the dogs.

  • Entrance Fees – Adults 900 yen, Children 600 yen/30 mins (only children above 6 years are allowed inside)

Address – 1-29-3 Asakusa, Taito Ward, Tokyo 111-0032

Opening Hours – Weekdays 12:15 pm to 5:20 pm, Weekends 11:00 am to 6:35 pm

Website – https://owls-cats-forest.com/free/mameshiba-asakusa

Dog Burrow Oinu 

Dog Burrow Oinu is one of the latest dog cafes to open in Tokyo that has been the talk of the town among dog lovers.

You can reach Dog Burrow Oinu by arriving at the closest stations such as Soshigaya Okura Station or Seijo Gakuen Station. Just by glancing at the building, you can identify Dog Burrow Oinu. 

animal cafes in japan
Source: Instagram

The interior of Dog Burrow Oinu is everything. It has a faux fireplace with wooden flooring that makes you feel like you’re staying at a cottage.

To complement the wooden interior, there are even log seats, wooden stools as well as bean bags for guests to settle down. 

There are 11 dogs at Dog Burrow Oinu who are initially shy to greet guests but once they catch on to you, they’re not going to let you out.

The breeds present at Dog Burrow Oinu are retrievers, poodles, bolognese, Pyrenees, and Havanese. All dogs at this dog cafe are between 1 to 6 years old. 

Dog Burrow Oinu doesn’t allow feeding dogs or even lifting them up because the staff are dedicated to treating the felines delicately.

Hence, I was compelled to play with the dogs while seated down and it was a fabulous experience because the dogs here love to rest and be nonchalant.

In addition, this cafe was among the few to offer the cheapest rates in Tokyo so why miss it? 

Entrance Fees 

  • Weekdays: 1200 yen
  • Extension fee: 600 yen/30 mins, 1000 yen/60 mins
  • Weekends & holidays: 1500 yen
  • Extension fee: 700 yen/30 mins, 1200 yen/60 mins

Opening Hours – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 11 am – 6 pm. Closed on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday.

Contact No – +81 3-6411-1220

Website – https://www.oinu.tokyo/

Address – 1-2-7 Seijo, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo MEPO3 Building B1F

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