Top 5 Cities with The Most Michelin Stars

‘Good food is good mood!’

If your situation matches with this famous going, you must be a foodie at heart.

Am I right?

Then, good food can keep your mood well during travel.

Now it makes sense that you always plan your travels around cities with some of the most elegant restaurants in the world.

Maybe your preferred way to organize a trip is by searching for the city with the most Michelin stars.

And that’s why you are here in search of such cities.

Well, you are exactly in the right place, as today I am going to talk about this topic.

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I hope this write-up will help you decide your travel destination.

The Cities with The Most Michelin Stars

The Michelin Guide has been serving as an undisputed authority for foodies when exploring or even deciding on their new destinations.

However, which city has the most Michelin stars?

Well, undoubtedly, it’s Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

The Michelin Star award is the highest and most demandable honor in the restaurant world.
This award recognizes the best restaurants in terms of quality, settings, and service.

lobster dish served in michelin star restaurant

Tokyo earned its first Michelin guide in 2007.

Since then, the Japanese capital city has been dominating as the world’s most Michelin starred city, leaving behind the international culinary centers such as Paris, London, Chicago, and New York City.

After being unrivaled for over a decade, once again, Tokyo wears the crown for being the city with the most Michelin stars.

Wow! What a consistent performance!

We will know more about Tokyo, but before that, let me mention the top 5 cities with the most Michelin stars.

You already know which one is in the first position. Now you will get to know the next four from the below section.

Michelin star restaurant foie gras

Top 5 Most Michelin Stars Cities

Here is the list of top Michelin cities:

  1. Tokyo, Japan.
  2. Paris, France.
  3. Kyoto, Japan.
  4. Osaka, Japan.
  5. New York, USA.

So, it seems that the three cities of Japan have taken over their places in the top 5.

Quite impressive! Isn’t it?

At first, let’s discuss the top one.

1. Tokyo

Tokyo, the city with the most Michelin star restaurants in the world, has earned this title for housing an incredible 226 starred restaurants.

Surprisingly, the Japanese capital has 11 restaurants with three stars, 47 restaurants with two stars, and 165 restaurants with one star.

In addition to these, here you will also find dozens of top-notch eateries to satisfy your appetite.

Michelin Star Food

From Chinese to French, Tokyo offers a wide-ranging mix of cuisines executed at the highest level. Ever since 2007, it has continued to lead the world for its concentration of fine dining.

Going ahead of other dining hotspots like Paris and New York is really something to deserve a round of applause.

Anyway, out of the eleven three-star restaurants, there is a trio of French restaurants L’Osier, Joël Robuchon, and Quintessence.

There is one sushi restaurant, Sushi Yoshitake. And the majority are Japanese in style: Ishikawa, Kagurazaka, Kadowaki, Kohaku, Kanda, Makimura, Azabu, Ryugin, and Yukimura.

So, be sure that not only you can enjoy the foods of Japan but also from overseas.

Making Sushi, Japanese Michelin Star Restaurant

Among these 3-star Michelin restaurants in Tokyo, Quintessence, Kanda, and Joël Robuchon have been maintaining their three-star status since 2007.

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It’s difficult to show this high consistency for such a long period.

Just imagine how efficient they are!

Well, you can enjoy the high-end Japanese dining at three-starred Ryugin, which has been run by an eminent chef Seiji Yamamoto since 2003.

You must be curious to know about their food!

No matter what, food comes first, right?

This restaurant creates delicious dishes using seasonal produce, like seafood and meats.

You will find pheasant, Japanese pigeon, wild duck, brown bear, wild boar, and a seasonal sashimi platter on the menu.

Michelin Star Duck

If it goes perfectly with your taste buds, you can try them.

In case you want to know the probable cost, dinner costs around $250 per person.

Anyway, before you visit, don’t forget to take a peek at the restaurant’s website, as they have some strict rules regarding cell phones, attire, cameras, and even perfume.

Apart from all these, it’s really praiseworthy that the number of Michelin star restaurants in Tokyo is increasing with time.

Eighteen more restaurants have earned their first Michelin star, while two earned two stars and two brand new restaurants received their desired three Michelin star rating.

Though most of the world’s famous cooks are male, it’s not a universal truth that female chefs cannot compete with them.

And to prove the previous line, more restaurants in the Japanese capital are led by women chefs now than in the previous years.

Even three of those restaurants have star status.

Beef Dish in Michelin Star Restaurant

So, if you want to enjoy some of the most dynamic and innovative dining experiences, Tokyo can be the place for you!

Now, let’s go to Paris from Tokyo.

When it comes to talking about Paris, France comes automatically for a reason.

But what is that reason?

I am revealing it now.

Till now I have informed you of Michelin cities, but which country has the most Michelin stars?

Indeed, you want to know that.

Well, the answer is France!

The country with the most Michelin starred restaurants is France, with a total of over 600.

2. Paris

Paris, the most romantic city in Europe, is considered the continent’s foodie capital with hundreds of first-class restaurants and eateries.

It is the top food destination for travelers in Europe.

This city is home to 119 Michelin-starred restaurants, with ten of the restaurants receiving the highest honor of three stars.

17 restaurants are with two stars and 92 with one star.

Alain Ducasse Paris Michelin Star Restaurants

They offer a wide variety of cuisines due to their diversity.

Most of these restaurants are led by acclaimed culinary masterminds.

It includes Pierre Gagnaire and Guy Savoy’s self-titled restaurants, Alain Ducasse’s Alléno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen, and Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée with Yannick Alléno in control.

On top of that, seven new restaurants here have earned a single Michelin star, which includes Enrique Casarrubias’ restaurant, Oxte, and Mory Sacko’s Mosuke.

The price of food will vary with the number of stars.

The full tasting menu will cost $252 on average for two-starred restaurants and around $357 for three star restaurants.

This is the price per person and it doesn’t generally include drinks, tips or government charge.

In case you are interested in details, I am letting you know about the legendary Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée.

Dining at Michelin Restaurant

From the decoration to the food, everything is classy here.

This cuisine puts emphasis on fresh, natural ingredients like early turnips, purple eggplant, squash, zucchini, and many types of seafood.

Food ranges from Groix sandy soils sole with the ground and sea tomatoes and volcanic hill green lentils and caviar with flavored jelly to summer rose oil.

Nows, let’s see what the ancient Japanese capital Kyoto can offer us.

3. Kyoto

Kyoto is known as a historical center of cuisine, culture, and religion. It is famous for some of the oldest eateries in the world along with some of the oldest shrines.

This city boasts of around 108 Michelin starred restaurants that offer food ranging from traditional Japanese to modern fusion style.

The city has 8 three-starred restaurants, including Hyotei and Kikunoi Honten, that have been showing their skills since the 17th century.

Michelin restaurant

Another three-star one is Nakamura which dates back to the Edo Period.

An outstanding dish at this restaurant is Shiro-miso zoni. It is a Japanese rice dumpling soup with white miso.

Here, the cost ranges from $180 to $270 for dinner, and the lunch price starts at around $135.

Besides these, there are also 21 restaurants, 1 ryokan with two stars and 77 restaurants, and 1 ryokan with one star.

So, Kyoto should be on your list if you are planning a trip to Japan to sample some of its best cuisines.

4. Osaka

Another Japanese city that has a higher number of Michelin stars is Osaka.

It has 99 Michelin starred restaurants in total.

4 of them have been awarded the top accolade of 3 stars, while 16 and 79 restaurants have two stars and one star, respectively.

Let me mention the names of some of the magnificent ones.

Dining At paris Michelin star restaurants

A few stellar restaurants in the city include Hajime, Fujiya, Taian, Koryu, Asai, Takama, and Pierre.

Hajime earned its third Michelin star in the year 2018, and it is run by chef Hajime Yoneda and pastry chef Yuko Uchida.

This restaurant’s menu explores nature, earth, space, as well as philosophical questions about the true meaning of life.

Feeling curious about their foods?

Okay, I can give you an idea about one of their famous dishes.

Chikyu is one of the most popular dishes at Hajime, which means ‘planet earth.’

The dish represents both the land and the sea, featuring a shellfish foam and more than a hundred herbs, vegetables, and grains.

Speaking of the cost, this restaurant has a short tasting menu for around $270 and a vegetable tasting menu for $305.

Their standard tasting menu usually starts at $380 as well.

Recently, the one-starred restaurant Terada has been awarded a Green Star.

Green Star Michelin Restaurant

What should you do to gain a green star?

Terada uses vegetables grown by farming methods and rice grown by natural circulation that are environment-friendly.

And that’s the reason for receiving a green star.

You can say the rising stars of Osaka in the culinary world are all innovators.

They serve dishes inspired by culinary traditions from Japan, China, France, and Italy, showing the courage to break the boundaries.

These restaurants will not only offer you top-quality food but also top-class settings and services.

Therefore, you want to get back there again and again.

5. New York

New York is one of the renowned food capitals of the world. It has the most number of Michelin star restaurants in the whole United States.

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When you visit this city that never sleeps, you might find it difficult to choose from the variety of highly acclaimed restaurants.

Paris Michelin restaurant

However, I can help you make this task a little easier.

New York City is home to a total of 76 Michelin star restaurants.

5 out of them made it into the Michelin guide with three stars. You will also find 14 two-starred and 57 one-starred restaurants there.

All the five 3-star restaurants are in Manhattan. They are Eleven Madison Park, Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, Masa, Le Bernardin, and Per Se.

Michelin Restaurant

Jean-Georges, L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, and Daniel are among some of the longest-standing two star restaurants, while some one star ones are Rezdôra, Tsukimi, and Francie.

As a foodie, If you want a culinary experience that also highlights some of the city’s architectural history, Eleven Madison Park will be worth visiting for you!

This standout restaurant, located in a 90-year-old art deco skyscraper, has been serving up an eight or ten-course tasting menu overlooking the beautiful Madison Square Park.

This extraordinary restaurant is popular for being extremely accessible.

Michelin Star Restaurant Dishes

Visitors can even enjoy a shortened version of the tasting menu just for $175.

Therefore, don’t worry about the budget. You can just pay a visit to this top-grade restaurant in New York City within an affordable range.

Or if you can afford, go to the main dining room, where the tasting menu starts at $315.

 I already have given a brief idea about the top five Michelin star cities in the world.

As a food lover, you can make a list of visiting those places according to your preferences.

Anyway, if you don’t have a clear concept about Michelin stars, I would like to help you in this case.

What Is Michelin Star?

The Michelin Star award is the gold standard in the restaurant world. It is considered as the trademark of fine dining.

Obtaining Michelin stars is both a personal and professional aim or ambition for many chefs and gourmets.

Desert In Michelin Star Restaurant

It is a stamp of their entry into the elite world of cooking. This powerful marketing tool can drive diners from around the world to their addresses.

As you have seen, there are classifications in the Michelin star rating.

Right now, I will give a short overview of this system.

Michelin Star Classification System

Michelin guide has inspectors who visit the restaurants without revealing their identity.

They visit and assess each address on five criteria:

  1. Quality of the ingredients used.
  2. Proficiency in flavor and cooking techniques.
  3. Chef’s personality in his cuisine.
  4. Value for money.
  5. And consistency between visits.

Considering these points, they grade the restaurants from zero to three stars, where each category has a different meaning.

I guess you must want to know that.

Just have a look below.

  • One Star:

It denotes a very good restaurant that offers cuisine prepared with a high standard.

  • Two Stars:

It means excellent cooking that is worth a detour! They provide skillfully and carefully crafted dishes with outstanding quality.

  • Three Stars:

A restaurant that offers exceptional cuisine, which is worth a special journey. Unique dishes are precisely served here using superlative ingredients.

Well, I have nothing more to inform you. Let’s conclude it here.


The cities with the most Michelin stars should be on any traveler’s bucket list who has a passion for high-class cuisine.

I hope this writing will help you enjoy your passion if you are such a person,

Lastly, eat good food and stay in a good mood.

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