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All the people out there who have an immense interest in Japan,

Welcome to our blog!

We, the DEAR JAPANESE team, are here on the field to quench the thirst of your curious minds.

From exciting to do things and remarkable visiting places to the weirdest or most interesting stuff happening in our beloved homeland, here you will get to know everything from the closest point of view.

And after knowing all those, if you feel a strong desire to travel to our country from the deep inside of your heart, then we are here for you too.

Besides providing information on all the fascinating things and incidents of Japan, we also give comprehensive guidelines to simplify your Japan travel plan.

You will get detailed info on popular or unique places to visit in Japan, where to stay, the best hotel or motel, delicious local cuisine, the best shopping malls along with budget-friendly shopping spots, fun things to do, about the weather in different seasons of the year, their colorful festivals, the probable cost, how to get from one place to another, and whatnot.

In a word, we are extending a hand of hospitality towards you to help you learn more about Japan and to assist you in exploring this country.

Therefore, you all are invited to stay with us to discover Japan in the best possible way.

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